A.S. Fanning

A.S. FANNING — All Time

The eclectic gothic-folk multi-instrumentalist A.S. FANNING — aka Stephen Fanning — will release his idiosyncratic new album, titled “You Should Go Mad” on 13th November 2020 via Proper Octopus Records.

He tends to craft succulent layer-cakes of smooth synth sound that wonderfully engrasp his unflinching and intense baritone vocals. The Dublin singer-songwriter (currently residing in Berlin) began his solo project in 2013 after his former band The Last Tycoons (with Daniel Fitzpatrick) broke up.

photo by Tom Taylor
photo by Tom Taylor

The impressive video for his single “All Time” has now been released (see below.) It’s a gorgeous glow of a song, complete with a surefooted tread and confetti scintillations of the merest drift.

This song wraps around you like a tuft of organdy. If you can imagine Johnny Cash singing to the gently gurgling sounds of “Captain” Daryl Dragon you won’t be far from understanding the hypnagogic ecstasy this evokes…

File alongside: Nick Cave

Link: https://www.facebook.com/asfanning/

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