Elles Bailey Photo Credit Alan Dunkley

ELLES BAILEY — Poignant John Prine Cover

The Bristol, UK, award-winning singer-songwriter ELLES BAILEY released a stripped-back covers album titled ‘Ain’t Nothing But’ recorded live during the 2020 pandemic. It came out December 11th 2020.

The 16-track album, recorded live as part of her “Ain’t Nothing But” livestream series held at White Noise Studios during the Summer of 2020, features sensational performances from guests that included the Mohawkestra’s Joe Wilkins (guitar & background vocals), the impressively talented singer-songwriter Phil King (guitar & background vocals) & the True StraysJoe James (on double bass & background vocals.)


Now she releases, as a single, a poignant cover of the late, great John Prine’s  final song ‘I Remember Everything’ (video shared below).

Prine died March 19, 2020 during the pandemic, of complications caused by COVID-19. He was 73

Reflecting on the significance of the Americana and country-folk supremo, Elles said, “’I Remember Everything’ is the last song John recorded…”  

 he made the mundane magical…

John Prine

“[the song] was released posthumously after he left us… John, for me, always made the mundane magical: he makes you feel like he’s your best friend…”

The new single is affectionate and haunting with the silkiest touch of musical accompaniment and, naturally, the kind of voice that seems as soft as the wings of a seraph… so she comforts us within her cottony folds of sound. Ennobling! 

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Words: @neilmach 2021 ©
Main Photo: Credit Alan Dunkley

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