Elles Bailey Photo Credit Alan Dunkley

ELLES BAILEY Message Of Love

The Bristol-based, UK musician ELLES BAILEY was inspired to write ‘Love is Gonna Win’ a couple of years ago, and before the global emergency.

It’s only now that we can appreciate what a farsighted hymn for our times this song has turned-out to be…

The song was co-written with the Australian-born, Nashville-based, award-winning singer/songwriter Tamara Stewart (aka Tamara Sloper, picture just below).

This week the British award-winning vocalist & songwriter released it as single, along with a music video (shared lower) that shares sentiments about the lockdown.

ELLES explains: “I’ve been thinking a lot about different songs, written in a different time that are somehow now reflecting the state of the world. Songs like Mary Gauthier’s ‘Mercy Now’ or Elton’s ‘Border Song’….”

Tamara Stewart

spread the message…
in the end love will always win!

“‘Love is Gonna Win’ was written with Tamara Stewart in 2019 and I had this track finished for quite a while, but now I feel that the time is right to finally release it. 

Love Is Gonna Win

 “We have all lived through a time of isolation,” Elles adds, “but I really wanted to use the video to celebrate my fans’ ‘Lockdown Heroes’, and spread the message that in the end love will always win!

 “I edited the video myself and it’s been such a heartwarming experience, seeing everyone’s messages of love and their thanks to their ‘Lockdown Heroes’”

The cultivating rat a-tat-tat of judiciously handled beats brings an edgy feeling to this, otherwise, hopeful song… and perhaps that’s exactly how things should be. The song splendidly features Elles’ beautiful silky butter voice, a voice that comes drenched in brandy wines and sweet ciders.

If you ever needed to an anthem for 2021, this is it! 

Deliciously demulcent!

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Photos: credit  Alan Dunkley

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