Outlaw Orchestra photo credit: Will Carter Two Finger Media

Outlaw Bundles From Rock ‘n’ Roll Renegades

The three-piece Southern based rock ‘n’ roll renegades THE OUTLAW ORCHESTRA have been busy recording their next album and are now offering pre-orders on the forthcoming disc plus a chance to grab a special inmate card  with an exclusive inmates T-shirt along with an opportunity to feature on the vinyl album artwork and in the Outlaw’s gallery.

We hope all the outlaws out there will join the party…

Click here to pre-order the disc and get your shirt: https://www.theoutlaworchestra.com/

The impending album, titled ‘Makin’ Tracks’ features eleven new songs from the Southampton rapscallions that embody their characteristic jackpudding merrymaking and corking song-writing awesomeness.

Outlaws on Stage

The compositions on the new project are a serious step up in terms of messaging and fulfillment. The lyrics have been drafted, re-drafted, worked & reworked, rearranged and restructured to ensure they are perfectly “Outlaw” whilst preserving the raw ‘live’ feel the lads are rightly celebrated for.

 “Under the guidance of studio engineer David Evans we pushed ourselves to get the best out of our instruments and song writing, it undoubtedly shows…” says the band.

“This is far and away the most accomplished song writing and playing we have achieved to date“.

There is always excitement at releasing a new album and a new collection of songs and hopefully we have coined another mass of one liners that the outlaw following will quote in their daily life. We’ve kept the energy level up and have demonstrated our tastes from hard rock to pure country with one toe over the border into Latin America.”

This is the album we wished we’d made…….oh we did! We wholeheartedly love it and hope all the outlaws out there will join the party as it’s about to step up a notch…….line them up…”

Makin’ Tracks CD is scheduled for October 2021 and Makin’ Tracks Vinyl is scheduled for February 2022

Link: https://www.facebook.com/theoutlaworchestra/

Main image: Will Carter Two Finger Media

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