Sari Schorr at piano

SARI Steps From The Pines

Sensational New York blues-rock singer-songwriter SARI SCHORR has unveiled an evocative new take on the traditional folk-blues number: “Where did you sleep last night?” (aka In The Pines) – a song most often associated with pioneering blues musician Lead Belly, who released the song as a single in 1946.

Lead Belly

Lead Belly’s version of the song is deceptively profound,” Sari explains.

“To breathe new life into it, I re-harmonized the chord progression to dramatically alter the mood and build tension to change the way people would hear the song.”

I’ve been performing songs from Lead Belly around the world for years, from Carnegie Hall to The Montreux Jazz Festival. It’s a great honor to share music from such an influential artist with a whole new audience.”

 the heartbreaking chords take on almost ghostly form…

Sari’s recording features a new musical arrangement and eloquently updated set of lyrics that shift the song’s focus to the events that sparked the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement (2013) to protest police brutality and the systematic racism that disproportionately impacts the black community.

The song was released via Manhaton Records from 6th August. 2021.

In this new version of the consecrated number, played by Sari on grand piano — the heartbreaking chords take on almost ghostly form — while the incantatory verses (perfectly performed by Sari, at her transcendental best) become evermore troubling & foreshadowing in the dark evanescence of this worrisome age.  But there is hope in the closing… hope for better endings and, perhaps, some new beginnings.

If you like blues to be layered with soul, emotion and impact, this song will resonate & amaze…

File alongside: Mark Lanegan

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Image still, from video by Gary Oleyar, Sonoma Beach Studio

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