STONETRIP my angel

Melbourne hard rockers STONETRIP produce a groove-laden modern rock sound mixed with classic rock sensibilities. The band is known for its explosive live show, complete with arena-ready sounds and they are well on their way to reinvigorate the local rock scene and making a giant dent globally.

Having recently released two red-hot ‘n’ thundering arena rock influenced singles ‘Runaway’ and ‘Nightmare’ (via Golden Robot Records) the band have now released their self-titled EP, available on all digital platforms, and have offered up the new radio track ‘My Angel’.


STONETRIP have created their first self-titled high-powered EP with legendary producer Ricki Rae (Electric Mary, Tequila Mockingbyrd) at the helm. The sessions captured the true spirit of the band closely replicating their powerful energy live, with the E.P. delivering passion, power, melodies, and sweeping choruses that will take hold of every listener! 

Grab the E.P. here:–EP?


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