The CRUZADOS Go Automatic

The famous Chicano punk ‘n’ roll band THE CRUZADOS were formed in 1984 out of the remains of the 1970s Latino punks The Plugz, and featured the Mexican/American songwriter and rhythm guitarist Tito Larriva, lead guitarist Steven Hufsteter, punk drummer Chalo Quintana, with bassist/songwriter Tony Marsico and guitarist Marshall Rohner. 

The band had all but finally fizzled out by 1990, at the end of the punk revolution. After the band broke up, Larriva started his current band Tito & Tarantula, who are now celebrated for their appearance in the 1995 cult classic From Dusk Till Dawn, by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

a yowling, bluesy, whoop of joy!

The band’s most recent lineup features the original Cruzados co-founder bassist/songwriter Tony Marsico, with vocalist Ron Young (Little Caesar), guitarist Loren Molinare (The Dogs),  guitarist Mark Tremalgia and drummer Rob Klonel.  

The forthcoming album includes guests performances from John Doe (X),  Dave Alvin (The Blasters), David Hildago and Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Gia Ciambotti (Bruce Springsteen) , Melanie Vammen (The Muffs,The Pandoras), Greg Kuehn (TSOL), Jimmy Z (Rod Stewart), Buck Johnson (Aerosmith), among others.

shes automatic

They will release this collection of eleven all-new original songs on an album titled “She’s Automatic!” due  28th January 2022 via Deko Records.

Recorded in Los Angeles in the winter of 2021, the new album promises to deliver the bands signature rock and roll sound that first put Cruzados on the map some 30 years ago. 

The album is dedicated to the memory of their fallen Cruzados brothers Chalo Quintana & Marshall Rohner, whom without them the Cruzados would not exist. Their spirit and dedication to rock and roll will live on forever in the music that they helped to create.

We checked-out the title track from the album, “She’s Automatic” (video shared below) and it’s a supersolar Californian wildfire swing of choppy beats, sexy siren slides, brushland rhythms, and the sweetroot twang of truly libidinous rock ‘n’ roll.

Yep, this is a yowling, bluesy, whoop of joy!

Pre-order She’s Automatic here:

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