Becko Tries Skincare

The Los Angeles vocalist, multi-genre music producer, and talented musician BECKO has this week released a haunting & technologically scorched struggle of a song, titled 666Skincare.

This trap-metal diabolic concoction features the musician’s famously blazoned vocals, his perniciously misshapen synths, the trademark electromechanical beats, and of course, the deadliest metallifactured guitar riffs ever to be heard in the industrial history of rock.


“666Skincare” is out now on all platforms and released on the independent multi-genre label FiXT.

“666skincare” is a trap metal dark song with industrial and electronic influences. The lyrics are about religion, social media, and our present days,” explains the Italian born vocalist Marco Calanca, previously of the Roman post-hardcore band Hopes Die Last and now the talent (masked) face behind the EDM, Hip-Hop, Industrial, and Emo-Rock solo-project BECKO.

A technologically scorched struggle —

In 2020, Becko released the full-length album INNER SELF, as a triumphant fusion of trap & metal. In early 2021 Becko released “Otaku Pride” with plans for more singles throughout the year.

File alongside: Dropout Kings, Ghostemane

Purchase/Stream here:

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