ROBIN GUTHRIE Takes kinos chance

This year the sonic soundweaver and celebrated musical swanskinner  ROBIN GUTHRIE turns sixty. 

So, to celebrate his elevation to rock elder-statesmanshood, the Grangemouth COCTEAU TWINS founder will release new sounds on a fresh EP titled ‘Springtime‘.

It’s a recording that follows three late 2021 releases — the ‘Mockingbird Love‘ EP, a full-length album titled ‘Pearldiving’ and his ‘Riviera’ EP. 

the liberating flawlessness of sound…

Cocteau Twins pioneered the 1980s alternative rock subgenre of dream pop.

The songwriter, composer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer, GUTHRIE  released seven studio albums (largely solo affairs) following the break-up of the Cocteau Twins in 1998.

Robin Guthrie Springtime

And now “Kino’s Chance” from the Springtime EP (the video shared below) is an undulating expanse of lurking floats and sound-shifting clouds that rise to the surface then unfold to dispense their forgiving baptismal waters on the idolatrous head of the listener. If you want to be baptized with cleansing waters, and redeemed from your sins, you must soak up this beauty.

Quite simply, it’s the liberating flawlessness of sound.

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©

Check-out the new EP here:

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