Shamans Harvest Photo credit Adrienne Beacco


Missouri post-grunge rockers SHAMAN’S HARVEST (founded in 1996) return with Rebelator their first album in five years on 11th March via Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group. 

We previously described their sounds as “swaggery… with menacing, persistent vibes and many penetrable moments…”

Their last two albums Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns and Red Hands Black Deeds which we thought was packed with: “distorted riffs, offertory and blackened…” earned a combined 190 million streams between them.

To date, Shaman’s Harvest has sold over 100,000 albums and 415,000 singles.  They have toured with many rock immortals, including: Godsmack, Nickelback, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Alice In Chains and Seether.

this is neurochemically seductive!

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

The band has endured some real hardships in the last 5 years. Singer Nathan Hunt won his battle with throat cancer, but a leg injury he suffered while working in construction a decade ago worsened and he had to decide whether or not to amputate his leg. Thankfully he found a doctor who replaced the joint and rebuilt the Achilles. He says,”I’m still recovering and probably will over the next year or so, but I’m already better off than I was before the procedure.”

Understandably, much of the new album is vibratory, menacing and darkly visceral.


Bird Dog” is delivered with a fearsome stance and is built from stained foundations, to include: Hamler’s forever swarming hornet-guitar, indistinct junkyard harmonica, deathtrap percussion and croaking vocals.

Voices” bends light and dark crevices, and begins with mind-blowing ringlets of color. The asphalt & bourbon voice is dry as burnt applewood and the guitar is hot as iron drawn from volcanic ash. So this song is molten bitterness rolled up into charred splinters of mistrust!

Under Your Skin” (video shared below) is a squelchy industrialized conurbation that, though ironclad, is shaken to the gut, so it becomes actually quite psycho-stimulant!

Yes, this is neurochemically seductive! 

Released 11 March 2022 Via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group

Photo: Adrienne Beacco

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