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The Cheltenham-based, Brecon raised, alternative-rock musician VERITY WHITE (previously a backing singer with U.K. prog act Pendragon) has announced a forthcoming E.P. titled ‘Distilled’ — due for release this summer 2022 and available for pre-order (see link below.)

A previous E.P. Stripped Bare took influences from the 90s scene, squishing bold ideas with quippy synths, melding tender strings, and fusing inventive vocal lines that grew into evocative, architectonic arrangements. 

plushy in impulsive electrochemical energy! clotted with implication & significance…

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And now, drawing inspiration from ‘90s stalwarts such as Skunk Anansie and Tori Amos; also from CHRVCHES and from bands such as Paramore and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Verity and her co-writing collaborator (husband) Alex White, embroider synths,  energize riffs, and render some ebullient ‘n’ heartfelt vocals to establish a rare form of alt-rock that’s plushy in impulsive electrochemical energy and clotted with implication & significance.

Distilled - verity white

Verity’s lyrics deal honestly with important issues, such as her own struggles with ADHD and mental health. She’s a campaigner for female empowerment, so her verses aspire to encourage positivity & connectedness through harmony,  inclusiveness, and optimism. 

As Verity explains, “‘Distilled’ is the culmination of many months work for Alex and me, as we worked to find our new sound as a two-piece and to ‘distill’ our essence into it.”

“We’re excited to be taking a more electronic route for this EP, something that we’ve always loved, and to blend this with the alt-rock riffs that we also adore.” 

“We both listen to such a variety of Music we often find it hard to pin-point our sound – but we’re proud of this music and we hope you like it too!”

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Photo credit: Adam Kennedy

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