British girl group Pretty Fierce


British girl group PRETTY FIERCE are set to make a vivid impression this week when they release their summery debut single Ready For Me, out  via Mark Morrisson’s MackLife Records.

The band consists of Katrina-Marie, Georgie Ryan, Ayanda Mthethwa and Macey Pick. The group first formed in Sheffield, when Georgie and Katrina met at an audition, and during the process they found Ayanda and Macey. 

transcends the obvious heat to become heroic and tenaciouS…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

During the pandemic, the girls were busy writing and recording, creating catchy melodies, memorable lyrics and unforgettable hooks. 

Influenced by pop, hip-hop, R&B, dance, and country music, Pretty Fierce are chockfull of fearless attitude and bursting with an admirable determination to bring their own unique sound to audiences.

Pretty Fierce sq

The rhythms on Ready For Me are like cavicorn cylinders, the tuneful harmonies are expressive, and, although this might have a summertime languor to it, the song transcends the obvious heat to become heroic and tenacious. Fervescent!

Ready For Me is out on 20th May 2022 via MackLife Records.

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