Robert Jon and the Wreck - photo credit Adam Kennedy


The Orange County country-soul quintet ROBERT JON &THE WRECK led by Robert Jon Burrison ( vocals &  guitar) have released a brand new single titled “She’s A Fighter” out via KTBA Records.

We have described the band’s sounds as “dependable heartland rock […] with evangelical choruses, fiery touches of guitar, and spirit-swaddling compositions…

The single celebrates the relentless strength and tenacity of women around the world. Robert’s wife, nine months pregnant at the time, was combat-ready while the song was being recorded.

I was inspired to see my wife perform like a champion during her pregnancy,” recalls Robert Jon. “It was such a difficult and rewarding experience for both of us and I was just so proud of her for everything she accomplished.”

Robert Jon & The Wreck  She's a Fighter cover art

Little did Robert Jon know his lyrics would predict the future for his new child. “I took a risk with the line “Your prince is coming early,” because we honestly didn’t know the baby was going to be a boy or a girl. It turned out we had boy… who came before his due date!”

As customary for this band, She’s A Fighter is a rattling boogie with nimble piano, glossy organ, boogaloo-bopping guitars, kicky rhythms, and buckaroo vocals. It’s a honkytonk hop of woop-woop fun!

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©

Main photo: Adam Kennedy

The new single is available to stream here

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