ROSIE SMITH dirty harry

ROSIE SMITH Pulls The Trigger

The multi-talented Southampton-born Glastonbury, Somerset raised English musician ROSIE SMITH taught herself piano, drums, trumpet, and songwriting while at school. 

She pursued classical voice training, starred in school musicals, gained film-work as a ‘extra’ and went on to graduate with a first-class honours degree from Rose Bruford College in London, who specialise in the disciplines of stagecraft.

Her newly released single is titled “Dirty Harry” and will be one of the tracks that feature on her forthcoming album.

The rising slope to the triggering chorus is exciting…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

When growing up my dad would try to introduce me to what he called his ‘film classics’- one being Dirty Harry…”

Did I fire 6 or was it only 5? Was the famous speech from the movie [and] ingrained in my head and inspired the song,” she says.

Rosie adds, “I play the guitar, piano, drums and a little bass and trumpet. I love finding obscure ways to play chords and melodic patterns and I am fascinated by harmonies.” 

I would describe my music style as storytelling in a commercial way. I use the folk genre narratives and place them into an up-tempo pop genre, so I guess it’s folky pop with a twist!

Roise Smith rect

The piece has a harkening, shadowy feel with some queasy-uneasy guitar patterns and uber-tense rhythms.

Rosie’s voice is cashmerette ‘n’ chocolate sauce: in other words it’s indulgent, luxuriously yummy, and has a sophisticated tonality. The rising slope to the triggering chorus is very exciting… yes, this number brings magnum force, thundercap thrills!

File alongside: Nancy Sinatra

The single is available on all digital platforms

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