Pip Millett still from Downright official video Dream Life Records,


Manchester UK singer-songwriter PIP MILLETT creates melodiously mellow musical auras with her tranquillity-blissed fusions of R&B and soul that bring forth her high-quality empathic introspections.

Her live shows are, most often, sold out and her shortish Motion Sick album (2021) was a sonically giddy affair, much like being churned by turbulence while sitting upon an easy chair in your best-friend’s bed sitting room.

 a quivering quail of sensitive beauty…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

The effect of Motion Sick was, yes, tailspinning disequilibrium… but at the same time electrifying and boundless ravishment!

Motion Sick Pip Millet

And so now we hear new song, Downright (out via Dream Life Records) and find it’s a quivering quail of sensitive beauty with perceptive lyrics, sparkly rhythms, and mouthwatering brandied voice.


Main image: still from Downright official video on Dream Life Records

File alongside: Snoh Aalegra, Cleo Sol

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pipmillett

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