The Dead Writers - Lisa


With their music video for ‘Lisa,’ the second single from their debut EP, DEAD WRITERS begin a promising new chapter.

The video has an immediate charm: it feels as if we are walking into a mini-film with flavours leaked from another era, though poured into a modern tableau-graphic. All this delivered by an innovational band whose jangle and cabaret style performance brings a stunning & distinctly romantic sense of musical multidimensionality.

Inspired by Dostoyevsky’s novel ‘Notes From The Underground’, the song portrays the story of Lisa, a young woman caught in a life of prostitution, and her solitude, self-reliance, and eventual deliverance.

Lisa is able to separate herself from the danger and sadness of her surroundings, as well as the difficult presence of a bitter customer, rewriting the original narrative and becoming the heroine of her own story.

“Lisa represents unwavering strength of character. She dreams of freedom but is brave enough to wait for the right moment to escape and knows how to navigate the circumstances. She is the ultimate quiet strategist.” the Dead Writers explain. 

Lisa_Never Blink Twice-hi-res

The action takes place in a magnificent turn-of-the-century La bohème style brothel, where Dead Writers inject rock & roll joy into a world populated by a colourful mix of nefarious shifties.

While Lisa is alone in her garret, the rowdy mob eventually merges into a joyful, wild celebration.

Loaded with symbolism, uninhibited dancing, and expressive acting, the overall vibe conjures a cross between Peaky Blinders’ gloomy ambiance and The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s carefree and boisterously overt joie de vivre.

The single is an explosive, irresistible, shuffle that oscillates between the dark, the seductive, and the downright decadent, and showcases this band’s frolicker and perhaps more rompish side with gritty guitars, pounding percussion, and a sluttish honky-tonk piano.

Lisa will be available to watch/stream/purchase on all digital platforms on 9th December 2022


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