The House We Built

THIS HOUSE Take us To The Moon

The Scarborough-based UK band THIS HOUSE WE BUILT has produced a video for ‘Fly Me Up To The Moon’ a poignant & intimate composition taken from their recently released self-titled ten-track album, which was published on October 15th 2022.

The debut album has already made a major impression on the rock scene.

Fly Me Up To The Moon’ shot at and around Sledmere House in the East Riding of Yorkshire, brings to life a moving and personal song written by vocalist/guitarist Scott Wardell about his Nanas battle with dementia.

Fly Me Up To The Moon (video shared below) is a docile sway of aesthetics and textures with photoreal vocals,  elegant guitars, and superfine rhythms.  The chorus is pleasantly poignant without being syrupy or over sentimental. In other words, the song is a treasure of polychromed, adult oriented, hard-pop.

The House We Built album cover

The band project was created by a group of guys who had previously been on the rock circuit in various other acts and for a number of years:  Scott Wardell (vocals guitar), Andy Jackson (guitars vocals), Oz Ward (drums vocals) and Wayne Dowkes White (bass) formed just before the Covid shut downs of 2020.  Rather than lamenting their inability to bring their collective talents to the stage, they began socially isolated writing sessions.

photoreal vocals,  elegant guitars, and superfine rhythms…

Raw Ramp Music Mag

The band’s album showcases the diverse influences that each member brought to the concept. Classic rock, funk, emo, nu-metal, and melodic rock is expertly interconnected to build connections between several ideas that build upon each other create a distinctive sound.

File alongside:  Mr. Big. 

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