Young Medicine


YOUNG MEDICINE, a rising dark-synthwave rock band from Kansas City, Missouri, draws the best from various rock genres to create a carefully crafted musical identity that resists easy groupification.

Pummel-slamming double-bass beats and crunching guitar riffs are blasted-out, while choruses combine with shimmering retro synth tones for an amazing fusion of aural ideas.

Young Medicine, who have established themselves as forerunners of a new era by infusing rockstar swagger to retrowave trend, might sound like the product of synthwave ‘n’ metal coming together and starting a boy band. But they’re so much more

A synthcore rumble with sharp sensitivity and weltering ominousness…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

For example, take the new single Hold On To Anything. It’s a screaming synthcore rumble with sharp sensitivity and weltering ominousness meted-out in equal measure. And it arrives enrobed in the type of doleful yet monumental musicianship that gets any rock/metal listener, whatever their stripe, ravening for more. 

Indulging more in the metal subgenre than perhaps previous work,’Hold On To Anything’  examines the anime trope of vengeance. The song includes introspective verse and fierce chorus sections, as well as all the emotional highs and lows for which Young Medicine is known. For a unique finish that only Young Medicine can deliver, heavy metalcore guitar riffs are blended with vintage synth melodies, energising rhythms, and famed Kansas jazzman Evan Kappelman’s brilliant saxophony.

This exciting band is continuing to lay an explosive foundation for their future album, and their distinctive approach has never sounded better.

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