The Commoners Photo Credit © JC Polien

No Mistakes for the COMMONERS

The Canadian classic roots and blues rock band THE COMMONERS have released “More Than Mistakes,” their fourth single from the critically acclaimed sophomore album “Find A Better Way.”  

We gave the album 5* when we reviewed it and RAW RAMP described it as the “very substance of soul-rock indefatigableness […]  irrepressible, fullhearted, and positively authentic…”

The new single, released by Gypsy Soul Records dovetails with their April 2023 co-headline UK tour with Troy Redfern. 

More Than Mistakes is a song written in self-defiance,” explains the Commoners’ lead singer, Chris Medhurst. 

It’s about taking on one’s own weakness with a sense of forgiveness for past transgressions, while enthusiastically searching for the limit.” 

The new album authentically embodies the rock and roll, soul, and blues rock experience,” continues Chris Medhurst. “That’s something we really wanted to bring back. That’s the roots. That’s what we listen to.”

The Black Crowes are a considerable influence for us […] Derek Trucks, Marcus King, Led Zeppelin, and The Allman Brothers Band, too. These are the bands that we wear on our sleeves as we aspire to create our own music and sound.

More Than Mistakes - the Commoners

The Commoners line-up also includes: Ben Spiller on bass, Ross Hayes Citrullo on lead guitar,  Adam Cannon on drums and recent recruit, Miles Evans-Branagh on organ. 

The new single “More Than Mistakes” (music video shared below) is a battering, crunchily rugged, smudgily gritty, riff-based rock-stomper with sufficient blotch and jangle to lift it above the mediocre country-rock promises delivered by other acts, and instead offers something of exceptionality, effectiveness, and craftsmanship. In this regard, The Commoners can be favorably compared  to the New Riders or even CCR, at their best. 

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Words: @neilmach 2023 ©
Photo Credit: © JC Polien

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