Ana Popovic Photo Credit © Adam Zegarmistrz

ANA POPOVIC Strong taste

Internationally renowned guitarist ANA POPOVIC has unveiled a new single “Strong Taste” released on Wednesday March 8th. 

This is the third single taken from her forthcoming studio album “POWER” that will be released by ArtisteXclusive Records on Friday May 5th.   

The new single coincides with Ana’s UK tour. Some tickets are still available from Anna’s special guest is Toby Lee. 

Her new album is available to pre-order on CD and vinyl from

Strong Taste” (music video shared below) is a chipper and infectiously chirpy jaunt with Ana on guitar and lead vocal,  her bass player, musical director, and album collaborator, Buthel Burns plays bass and provides backing vox, Chris Coleman is on drums, Brandon ‘Showtime’ Bland is on hammond organ, and with Jerry Kelley on backing vox. 

This goes beyond simple boundaries and crosses-over preconceptions to deliver a refreshing & original sound…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

The number goes beyond simple boundaries of genre as it crosses-over preconceptions to deliver a refreshing & original sound that, of course, incorporates a zinging and totally electrogilded lead guitar solo. It has a squelchy-plunky country-vibe too. And although the staccato verses and rhythmic flow may seem more suited to an urban context, this unique blending of concepts helps convey the intertwining musicality of Ana and Bethel. Uplifting!

About Strong Taste, Ana says, “For the music video […] I chose the setting at the Nebraska State Fair, the tractor race, and my band just kickin’ it, having fun, as the perfect setting for this track with heavy slide guitars and strong blues pocket.

[the song] is about S.E.X.  Strong taste for the get down, or whatever or whoever your get down might be. And you’ve got a taste for it. Nothing’s going to stop you. If there’s a person out there that you want, and everything – his/her style, swag, sex appeal, his/her reputation, sense of cool, all of it is like you want it, all of it fits your taste, then you’re coming with your “high beams on”! You’re coming to get it!”

Ana Popovic - Power

The new album is the summation of Ana’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2020, which resulted in fourteen chemotherapy sessions. 

Ana and Buthel worked together on Zoom to produce the music that formed the new album between her fourteen chemotherapy treatments and round-trip flights between L.A. and Amsterdam, where she received her treatments. She then scheduled demos, recordings, re-recordings, and live performances with her band in between sessions. She never skipped a show.

Each song on the album portrays her spirit of perseverance.

The album was written and produced by her and Buthel, and was mixed and mastered by Jeremy Bishop Hicks, a Grammy Award and Dove Award-winning producer. The outcomes support Ana’s emotional involvement, which made it possible for each song entry to serve as a demonstration of her strength and ability.Therefore, as you’d expect, her singing ranges from passionate to emotional, and her superb guitar solos, which are always performed in service of the song, span from piercing blues and rock licks to delicate and seductive jazz licks.

Words: @neilmach 2023 ©
Photo Credit: © Adam Zegarmistrz

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