Don Scannell – New Single Release – from Three Silver Pieces album

Don Scannell hails from the South coast of Ireland where, from an early age, he developed a love of the blues. With the help of local piano teacher (Irish musician and subsequent radio presenter Eamon Keane) this turned into a daily ritual of playing, and throughout the remainder of his school years Don continued to expand his love of music- from Beethoven to Simon & Garfunkel.

‘Mystery’ is the lead single taken from Don’s debut album ‘Three Silver Pieces’ and clearly displays his love of harmony in the vocal melodies. Weaving their way through low tuned steel-string guitar, gentle instrumentation and break-beat rhythms this song is one of compassion.

The video for ‘Mystery’ captures the ethereal nature of Don’s music and features puppets from London’s infamous ‘Little Angel Theatre’ – operated by Ronnie Le Drew famous for his work alongside Jim Henson on the 80’s hit film ‘Labrynth’.

We were lucky enough to have an advance listen:

“The song is about the mystery of loving someone despite their condition. A giddy up beat cushions the warmest of highly polished vocals. The sense is nostalgic and autumn coloured. The chorus gradually flowers into a gently nodding piano. Swoonful textures add emotional reflections in pools of shimmering light. The stylish end-piece is fittingly elegant, although melancholy, and feels generous and inspiring.”  — © Neil_Mach 28 October 2011 —


‘Three Silver Pieces’ was written and arranged at Rollover Studios by Don.
It features contributions from cellist Roger Holtom, bassist / drummer Martin Savale (of Asian Dub Foundation ) and studio guru Wiggzaro ( Andrew Wise )

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