Films of Colour – Legendary Bowie Producer Visconti Lined Up for Studio Set

Hotly tipped London band Films of Colour have won the attention of legendary David Bowie producer Tony Visconti with their version of Slow Burn, released on 12th December (as a free download.) Originally produced by Visconti for the Thin White Duke’s 2001 album Heathen, Films of Colour’s version of Slow Burn came to Visconti’s attention earlier this year following the online buzz around the band’s single Capital/Persinette.

Visconti was sent the band’s version of Slow Burn (which he shared with Bowie) and loved it, instantly flying to London to see the band perform. He was blown away and is now lined up to work with the band in the studio. Visconti rarely works with unsigned acts and most recently produced albums for the Kaiser Chief’s, Morrisey and the Manic Street Preachers.

Talking about Films of Colour and their version of Bowie’s Slow Burn, Tony Visconti said:

“When I was given a batch of demos to consider working with Films Of Colour I was struck with how many catchy songs they had written.  I was also impressed with the quality of their demos; that they were clever, creative lads was very apparent.  But one song stuck out, sounding so familiar yet I didn’t really recognise it until the second chorus.  I knew the song because I produced it with David Bowie on his 2001 album Heathen.  But Films of Colour had altered it so much they had clearly made it their own.  I think Bowie is one of the most difficult artists to cover, since his versions of his own compositions seem to be the definitive versions.  After I heard Films of Colour’s version I was completely won over.”

We had a sneak listen to the amazing track-

“The rapidly engaging brisk tempo is illuminated by flourishing spiked power chords.  Vibrantly mellifluous textures and a sumptuous harmony give way to the glowing chorus that tenderly falters and falls back to those sweetly repetitive lyrics.  Then the heart aching final curtain of song emblazons itself upon the crest of your senses…”
— © Neil_Mach 01 Nov 2011 –

Films of Colour were described by Fierce Panda/Label Fandango head honcho Simon Williams (who released the band’s debut single Actions) as the best band he’s signed since Radiohead and Coldplay.

Films of Colour are: Andy Clutterbuck (vocals), James Hatcher (guitar), Jack Allinson (bass/synths) and James Rees-Flynn (drums)



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