Light Parades – Through All Times

London/Norwich band Light Parades formed in late 2011 when singer/guitarist/pianist Daniel Hopkinson, drummer Ollie Pearce, and bassist Stephen Hopkinson decided to “start again” in the wake of their former band, post-rock outfit ‘Into Flight’ failing to get back together after a 3 year hiatus.

The members started rehearsing a few new songs, and shortly after this Dan met Jakub Tucholski, a guitarist and classical pianist who was at university with him at the time. Jakub had a trial rehearsal with the band, and he slotted in perfectly. Light Parades was complete.

Light Parades smallShortly after forming, the band took the unconventional first steps of heading straight into recording their debut album, a process that stretched over a year long period, at Rockfield Studios  with Producer/Engineer Nick Brine (Oasis, Ash etc.)  The recording was mastered by Pete Maher  (U2, The Killers etc.)

‘Through All Times’ was releasesd on the 25th March 2013 on the bands own record label – Rainbow Box Music .

We had a listen to ‘Adolescence’ and here’s what we thought:

A faltering rhythm sets the guitars sparkling in luminescent spirals. The beauty of the undulating vocal from Daniel is captivating. The lyrical melancholy of the line:   “Don’t grow up too fast… sound advice”  reminds the listener of the pain of adolescence, and the unfathomable changes that growing pains will bring.

Lustrous guitars flash, flitter and trill- they seem to be somersaulting  – like a collision of butterflies on a halcyon day. And perhaps the image of the butterfly is suitable in these circumstances – the pain of twisted metamorphosis is necessary to achieve the beauty of the wing.

-© Neil_Mach March 2013 –


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