LIONHALL — Rhizomes

LIONHALL  have announced the release of their debut EP titled ‘Rhizomes’.

The EP will be released on Monday April 29th.

Newcastle-via-Scotland two-piece Lionhall haven’t been recording together for long, but in that time they have already made an impressive number of people sit up and take notice of their sparse, chilly melodic music. Their songs have drawn comparisons to The XX and Conquering Animal Sound, with the likes of Drowned in Sound and Amazing Radio picking up on the two self-released tracks they posted on Bandcamp in August, the former describing the band as ‘a very impressive prospect’.

Live, the band are a rawer, more urgent proposition, with The Kills-like interplay between Sean Ewins and Ana Blamford a key feature.

The band will play the  Evolution Emerging Festival on May 25th, having progressed to the final line-up of 40 bands from the 500-strong long-list.

We had a listen to lead track ‘Colour Me’ from the EP and here’s what we thought:

A mosaic of small and fluttering tappet headed beats, together with an ether-wave of ebullient golden crested synths,  send out an array of neon shredded halos –  to glisten in the soundscape.

The cold voice of Ana starts small,  and is caressed by the cushion of sound. Soon it is accentuated by the masculine voice of Sean.

The “Colour me…”  refrain is distressing in its fibrillation. Whispering  words accompany the vocals, and a back-combing fuzz of guitars starts to ripple the outer limits of the piece. Extraordinary and sublime.

– © Neil_Mach April 2013 –

The EP will be released on Monday April 29th and will be available from all major digital retailers – on Tiny Lights

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