Poeticat Kind Words Soft Kill

Hailing from London, Lisbon and Basildon, Poeticat are a truly unique proposition; fusing the thought provoking spoken word delivery of Catherine Martindale (who has been a prominent figure on the spoken word and poetry scene for sometime) with the experimental vocal harmonies of fellow European Theatre Arts graduate Ziggi Jadovski.

This alone creates something very original. Now add a surreal and captivating genre-bending melting-pot which is given an overwhelming sense of roots and power with the phenomenally warm bass lines of Dr Goat Foot from the Institute of Contemporary Music. Taking the band in another direction is percussionist Vic Meadowcroft on the Cajon who pulls in from Latin American music and African rhythms bringing it all together in a loose yet fluid journey while the prowess of guitarist Baj Kenrick reaches into the songs, burrows under the skin and adds another twist, with complex metal guitar riffs and melodies that call upon Testament to Metallica.

The band will be releasing their double-A side Single ‘Kind Words Soft Kill / Centre of the Concrete Square’ on 28th October.

We had an early listen:

Image:  Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz www.hannakatrina.co.uk
Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz http://www.hannakatrina.co.uk

Kind Words Soft Kill’ starts like a backward sliding water flume. The oily water dribbles past your limbs as you ascend into a nervous space.

The voice is chalky and it doesn’t really get juiced until the lacework of stings begins. Then a little tapped rhythm flutters like a hat-rim feather.

The poetry cleverly exploits the knots and crevices in the arrangement.The rhyme often reminded us of Shaznay Lewis’s rap in “Never Ever”.

Centre Of The Concrete Square’ is tribal. Strings are plucked, rhythms are bullish and guitars fizz as they boil themselves dry.

Catherine’s voice has a common-place ring to it (reminding us of Lily Allen.)

This is like having one of Tracey Emin’s umnmade beds turned into a song. You know what it is and you should look away –  you feel a wobbly sense of voyeurism inside your stomach – but you cannot take your ears off of it.

– © Neil_Mach October 2013 –



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