Stroamata Make The Dollar

Industrial-tinged, female led indie, alt-rock band Stroamata began in 2008, with the release of their self-produced album ‘Things Left Lying.’

Stroamata shortThe Brooklyn NY based band have now released a groovy new track titled ‘Dollar’ which encompasses an industrial infrastructure – but also bounces like a dance number.

Stroamata is a complex machine. Connectives functionally support one-another. Cellular textures run together – criss-crossing at times – to create life energy.

The complicated patterns they create often become entrancing and hypnotic.

And in ‘Dollar’ the rhythms leave trickle vents… through these openings, sighing lead guitar sounds are extruded.

And all the while, the bass and rhythm guitars hum and buzz.

The feed line for all this is the main vocal from Dara Eagle. She meows rather than screams. Her sounds are reminiscent of early (No Doubt) Gwen Stefani.

Eagle’s vocal technique is admirably suited to the industrial scenery.

High-notes dissolve into the clanks and clangs. While sultry low notes saturate the landscape – and tend to polish the bass-line with a succulent finish.

The pleading “I need you … I need you …” adds a sense of emotional tension towards the end of the piece.

Dollar’ is a framework of elaborate fan-shapes, coils, ducts and dampers. A treat for the ears. And it’s masterfully executed.

@neilmach © 2014







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