Wrongchilde’s Battlefield

One of the most impressively powerful moments in 1980’s music was Pat Benatar’sLove Is A Battlefield”.

Written by the extraordinary combined talents of Holly Knight/Mike Chapman this anthemic dance number was all about strength and rebellion.

Now, singer/songwriter Mat Devine (Kill Hanna) has created a version of the classic for his new album entitled #GOLDBLOODED.

Performing under the moniker #WRONGCHILDE and featuring  synth-heavy sounds along with wailing accompaniments from White Sea [Morgan Kibby]…

Wrongchilde shortWe checked out the new video ( Love Is A Battlefield – from the album, Gold Blooded)

Wrongchilde’s version of this song plods like a lame panther.

It is dangerous and elegant.

Sleek, yet damaged by the pain that haunts those – once fluid- muscles.

The wounded beast is nervous and troubled.

The main vocal is inert and pensive. The pace ponders and falters.

The energy and motion of the original song is bleached out. Sweated into the spotlights…

This sweltering fugue makes you want to escape from the suffocation…

Heavy and fuggy. Like an unnecessary blanket on a sultry night.

@neilmach © 2014





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