Clas Tuuth 003

Based in the UK, emerging London producer Clas Tuuth’s reputation is beginning to gain momentum.

If you’re familiar with Fence Collective’s notable indie-folk artist, Rozi Plain, Clas Tuuth’s remix of “See My Boat” from last year enjoyed radio play across 6music and Xfm, quickly spotlighting Clas within the scope of key radio tastemakers and providing the label with one of their most on-demand downloads to-date.

Clas Tuuth will release his third EP titled just  “003” via esteemed London indie NeedNoWater Records on September 22nd.

Clas Tuuth: A deeply rheumatic purr of vibrating bass notes
Clas Tuuth: A deeply rheumatic purr of vibrating bass notes

We had a listen:

Pinging a wine glass. Then humping a cardboard box. All to the rhythm of ‘Jingle Bells’ – well that’s ‘Cliff’ – with its deeply rheumatic purr of vibrating bass notes that rub the bones.  And drill down into your cortex.

On ‘Anchorage’ you can hear the trading junks coming in and out of harbour. And there is oriental mystery created by the shifting mists.

The ticking of rain beats down against taut sails. And silver-fins crest the waves.  Creating a wonderful sensation.

Ours’ is a slightly ink-spotty memoranda.

With torn pieces of rhythmic fabric left laying around – it’s like a tailors shop after completing a rush-job.

If’ is a jolly rustle of joy. With parchment thin overlapping synths and tambourining drums that bash and flicker.

Then a glowlight low-sound tremors out like a trapped moth.

They say that you are most likely to have an accident “Half Hour From Home”- the thought behind the theory is that you tend to turn off – you’re more familiar with the area so that you pay less attention and you focus less.

Anyway, this track is densely frosted. Like looking through a very dirty pub window.

Grease and residue obscure the view. But outside the world is going about it’s business.

Street carts, red lights, limping salesmen and purple hats. You can just about make them all out. Through the blurry glazing.

If your’e a fan of Mount Kimbie / Gold Panda – you will love this.

@neilmach © 2014



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