Harper Aware No Mono

Harper – the four piece blues rock/alternative rock band from East London/Essex have been together for a little over a year and have already released stand-out singles ‘Old Wounds That Never Heal’ and ‘Feel So Hollow.’

They now release their ‘Mono No Aware’ E.P.

harper short
Harper – A guitar-based drone of cold and silica

We had a listen:

Cast In Stone’ begins with a guitar-based drone of cold and silica.

Against these atmospheric gaseous risings – a sneering vocal sneaks out.

The upper teeth are certainly exposed when the choppity chorus slides into view. This is a moody heavy metal grunge-a-thon.

Eastern Road Dance’ is a little more sparky. With pin-pricks of fiery guitar [Daniel Bhattacharya] these shine like furious lightning bugs.

Bringing Me Down’ has a low-insistent bass presence [Jamie Simpson] and that nagging guitar that worries at your skin like a parasitic insect.

The call-and-response chorus has its traditions in old-time blues.

But the sounds are almost psychedelic in nature – think Blue Cheer circa 1968.

Finally, we arrive at ‘Ligature’.

This burns like a rough hitch. The itchy drums [Toby Thacker] will cause a burning sensation around the throat.

While the guitars squeal like rodents falling into a lake of fire. And this is just about a departing love…

Damn it! This is heated! Go get it …

@neilmach © 2014







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