Spiders Shake the Electric

We’re hearing news that the Swedish female-fronted rockers ‘Spiders’ sophomore release Shake Electric is set for issue via Spinefarm Records on November 3.

The quartet offer a hard rock retro 1970’s-inspired sound with a modern and unique atmosphere. Their forthcoming European tour will also include an appearance at Hard Rock Hell Festival in North Wales, as well as other UK dates (see below.)

Spiders - Less brutal than Steppenwolf - more psychedelic than Slade...
Spiders – Less brutal than Steppenwolf – more psychedelic than Slade…

An official video for the title track has been revealed. [See below] We had a listen:

This is as big as a heavy knit cardigan and heavy as a pair of clogs.

The kind of sound that might have been blasted out of your favourite hippy boutique on the boardwalk in ‘74. A mix of free hum bass, clattering drums, guitars that pound out unnecessarily loud grunts – yet all embroidered with a voice of seaweed salt.

The piece is simple – held together with eyelets and buckles of sparkling guitar. But it’s exciting, nonetheless.

The handclap interval is wonderfully nostalgic – with a boogie groove. Less brutal than Steppenwolf, but more psychedelic than Slade.

“Let’s get together…” Yes indeed!

Pushy vintage rock – with a voice so swishy that it swells up and flaps in your heart. Pro-weight and super-clean!

@neilmach © 2014




UK Dates

15.11. Glasgow (UK) @ Classic Grand

16.11. London (UK) @ Underworld

17.11. Manchester (UK) @ Roadhouse

18.11. Birmingham (UK) @ Oobleck




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