Beautiful Songs to Cheer an Aching Heart — SAMANTHA CRAIN Under Branch & Thorn & Tree

Born in Oklahoma (the same place as Woody Guthrie) it was seen as unusual for a Native American (Choctaw) girl to follow a path in music.

She has encountered many obstacles along the way, but songwriter and musician Samantha Crain is finally getting the attention she deserves.

Her latest album “Under Branch & Thorn & Tree” is scheduled for release on July 17, 2015.

Samantha began her career when she sent a song to the highly prestigious ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ — and after receiving the song, they immediately offered her a half-year long retreat to hone her song-craft.

Later, she returned to Oklahoma to embark on a musical career, self- self-releasing her first EP in 2007.

Under Branch & Thorn & Tree - Samantha Crain
Under Branch & Thorn & Tree – Samantha Crain

We have been listening to the new disc Under Branch & Thorn & Tree:

The album starts with ‘Killer’ which trogs a tough beat towards some faint light.

The voice is extraordinary. Buttercup yellowing—  sometimes with a silvery sheen. But it is milky-smoky too. It contains siliceous nodules of sound that occur between words, which are uttered with the softness of linen.

Kathleen’ is a generous and plentiful ode. With a down-stepping darker voice that has coatings of grey and frostings of ice around the edges of the sound…

This is an outstandingly beautiful track.

Elk City’ is thumby-plucked and cultured.

The amorphous strings create a sense of constant melancholy.

Polycrystals of guitar tend to brighten the darkest of corners, but it’s the voice that you will focus on. Its beauty is in its translucent quality, whispered.

And let’s not forget the song-writing skills too…Recalling the best we have ever heard… And even reminding us of Paul Simon.

Samantha Crain - The voice is extraordinary
Samantha Crain – The voice is extraordinary

Sociality, spirituality and, of course, love. These are all examined in this beautifully produced song-book.

The songs here are filled with decorative patterns, intelligent rhythms , brilliant musicality and devout feelings.

These treasured songs will cheer an aching heart.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Main image: David McClister Photography



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