Nectar for the Human Heart — This New Song From FLEURIE Will Put Fire In Your Bones

The Nashville-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Fleurie (originally from Detroit, Michigan U.S.) has just premiered her new single — “Fire In My Bones.”

Fleurie (a.k.a. Lauren Strahm) recorded her Arrows EP in Nashville with producer Matt Stanfield (the session player for Kelly Clarkson.)

The project was mixed by Dave Schiffman (Haim, Charli XCX, Brandon Flowers.) Arrows will be out in September.

Fleurie - Don't underestimate the power...
Fleurie – Don’t underestimate the power…

We had a listen to Fire In My Bones:

This is fragile and light as cherub’s breath. But you shouldn’t underestimate the power.

Panting butterfly-winged synths bring joy to the ridges —  and a dusty rhythm encapsulates the organic voice.

It’s of fondant quality and, although the voice seems crystallized,  it also retains an undeniable sense of self, power and strength — to fight for and maximise potential.

This is nectar for the human heart… Nourishing enough to empower, sweet enough to forgive and strong enough to fulfil.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©




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