LIBERTINES — Grubby Urban Jigs

The new Libertines album is finally here. The first product in eleven years…

The band have rehabilitated, they have beaten distress and fled domination, they have turned around addictions and they have cursed damnation…

In fact, they have survived long enough to find peace and forgiveness. The album was gonna be called ‘Hallelujah Day‘ —

In January 2015 it was announced that Doherty had successfully completed his rehab treatment at the Hope Rehabilitation Centre in Thailand.

He joined his companions (The Libertines) in the recording process for their third studio album. The album was crowd-funded on PledgeMusic. In July, the group announced to their fans that the album would be titled ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth.’

Anthems For Doomed Youth - The Libertines
Anthems For Doomed Youth – The Libertines

We had a listen:

Barbarians ’ lumbers like a Port of London longshoreman after a long day-heaving and pulling.

So acute is the waddle that you cannot stop yourself stooping whilst you listen. A stringy bass. With meshy drums. And a loaded vocal. There is a glimmer there, though, amid the beat — but the hope is often obscured by fuzzy darkness. My Oh my! What an expressive start to a brilliant recording.

The darker voice on ‘Gunga Din ’ — the first single taken from the album — loafs on the inside. The percussion streams at you like a scattering of hail hitting freeway concrete… And the hook on the barbed-wire vocal (“Couldn’t find a vein...”) is so sharp that it claws at your outer being like a mad jackal.

The title track ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth ’ is sparsely sparkled and evenly speckled.

The lyrics are artfully nostalgic: “Life could be so handsome...” And the sad-heart reminds us that this record is made in memory of Alan Wass, Amy Winehouse and Robyn Whithead.  Lost. But not forgotten. We are the tribe that loved them.

Heart Of The Matter ’ takes the chortle and the briskly industrious activity of Weller (the short-tight guitar strokes, the darkened bass riffs and the singalong chorus) —  then mixes it all with a shot of ska-punk and the dark introspection of Morrissey. It’s perfect in every way!

If you like uniquely grubby urban jigs, gutter-baby pop twinklings and modern folk-lore poems that seem to be taken from finger-painted daubs on shit-house walls…

And if you like punk that spikes the bastions of your soul… The soulful nature of The Jam, the cheerful invention of The Kinks and the dapper reggae beats of The Clash all rolled into one… Then this is definitely for you.

Impeccable pop-punk perfection.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Anthems For Doomed Youth was produced by Jake Gosling and recorded at Karma Sound Studios, Thailand, over 6 weeks during April and May 2015

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