Textures by the British Blues Sensation MARK PONTIN GROUP — Dramatic and Unrestrained — New Album Reviewed Here

In the short period since the release of their debut in 2013 “Days Of Destiny” — The Mark Pontin Group have established themselves firmly on the UK Blues/Rock scene.

Multiple award nominations followed as the Swansea-based band found themselves backing acts such as The Royal Southern Brotherhood and Walter Trout.

Featuring Alun Walters on bass and Dafydd Davies on drums with Ayesha Pontin on keyboards and vocals, The Mark Pontin Group fronted by guitarist/songwriter Mark Pontin, are never happier than when they are on the live stage.

The Mark Pontin Group will be on tour throughout the UK in November [see below for details] supporting their new album — Textures.


We had a listen:

Opening track “Outside Inside” is dark, crisp and grazing.

The experience is like being trapped in a bed of flaming nettles.

The percussion is stunning and acute. And the voice is as fierce as a territorial roar. However, this also has cushions of comforting sound scattered around… Though, mostly, it is a fire-hearted sleazeball of king-sized fluster.

Three Days’ is equally grizzled.

This is like sinking, bodily, into a bore-hole filled with boiling lava.

The anguish and the burn will consume every part of you. The guitars are like hot spits of dark tar. And the bass and drums whistle and lick like passing hyenas. There is no escape from the glorious darkening ooziness.

For something more honeyed and golden try “Rising Up Before The Dawn.

This has soft lines of elegant guitar that will remind you of Little Wing. The voice is unflappable, serious, but not dramatic.

Three Wishes” comes in two parts and reminds us of the psychedelic joy of Bold as Love. Yet this also has a wonderfully British folk-rock complexion. Lovers of early Jethro Tull will find something to enjoy here. With progressive tendencies and some anthemic vocals this really is quite something. For those who lament the passing of an era in (maybe 1971) — runes, stairways and hermits — this is for you!

Heavy metal, folk and blues. Dramatic, unrestrained, unencumbered.

This deserves to be one of the biggest selling albums of the year. Come on, make it happen!

The title will be released on November 6, 2015. Pre-order it now here: Textures by The Mark Pontin Group

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: http://markpontingroup.com/

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