Luxurious Textures from Far Away Places by KATE COPELAND

Kate Copeland is an electro and neo-orchestral folk ‘n’ pop composer and singer originally from Port Townsend, WA.

She works out of New York City.

We think her voice is polycrystal in quality. With patches of glassy druze.

For her album — Recollection Room — which  is out now,  Kate released a video for the track “Breaking” : We thought it contained heart and soul revelations from a girl who is not afraid to confront her emotions.

Kate Copeland largeNow she has released a wonderful new video for  “Far Away Place” also taken from Recollection Room — we had a listen:

The voice has a luxurious texture and the substance of silk velvet.

With a noble shine and a dark softness that seems to burn and blister the pale skin.

The accompaniment of cello-sound is mellifluous, yet suffering.

This would be heartbreaking if it were not so sweet… And restorative.

Here is good fortune and lustrous charm… squeezed gently inside a filigree medallion of languishing beauty.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


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