New Album ‘Fiancé’ is Out Next Feb by ED TULLETT — Check the track ‘Ply’ Reviewed Here

The Oxford-born and Brighton-bred UK based twenty-two year old solo artist and songwriter Ed Tullett drops his début full length album next February –  titled Fiancé.

Tullett claims that he is “way past” his formative recordings, and the vast scope is demonstrated on this album – ranging from skittering R & B beats and dream-pop keyboards, all held together by waves of their towering falsetto harmony – it is clearly the work of a refined creative spirit.

Throughout the record Tullett creates huge, often subdued and somber landscapes, dripping with glittering darkness.

Ed Tullett - filaments of icy wonder...
Ed Tullett – filaments of icy wonder…

Saint” and the menacing lead-single “Malignant” are beautifully crushing centerpieces, whilst the more organic “Posturer” and “Ply” (reviewed below) are flooded with waves of voice that soar into densely layered, intricate landscapes.

Fiancé does not sound like the work of such a young artist. It also doesn’t sound quite like an electronica album, nor even a folk record – it has its own unique spiralling, all consuming distinct and independent existence.

Having stayed under the radar for so long, Ed Tullett has emerged as a fully-formed new voice to be reckoned with.

To prepare us for the 2016 release we listened to the track Ply taken from the album –

This gets cold and lonely.

Like an iceberg sliding through a frozen creek.

The synth jags and jitters and the voice is of the purest crystal. Clean and glassy.

The song builds up with strength and majesty.

Quickly filling the space with its filaments of icy wonder.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Images: by James Perolls


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