New album BEWARE from Los Angeles band LITTLE RED LUNG Reminds us of Florence + The Machine

Little Red Lung are an alt-rock band from Los Angeles, CA comprising of Zoe-Ruth Erwin on vocals and keys, Ali Nikou on guitar, Rob Hume on bass and John Broeckel on drums.

Some of their sounds have been heard on TV shows on shows like Hemlock Grove and So You Think You Can Dance.

Little Red Lung - The lyrics will bite deep. Injuring your heart. ..
Little Red Lung – The lyrics will bite deep. Injuring your heart. ..

We have been listening to their début album titled ‘Beware‘ –

The title track oozes woozily from (what seems like) inside a watery capsule. It’s frond-like in structure — and continually wafts around — as it tenderly enfolds the gel-like vocals.

It’s no surprise that we are invited to Get On The Boat because, otherwise, the tangled reeds would pull us down into the darkening depths. This song is robust with a greasy bass. And an ideal pace that is set out by the drums and then enhanced by the keys. The urgency of the request is all too real.

Dead Weight is percussive and jaggedly torn around the edges. The lyrics will bite deep. Injuring your heart. Bell Towers gently wavers as it reflects upon forgetfulness and time wasted. The agony of the guitar seems real enough.

We like the idea of a Civilian Tiger. A tiger who takes off his stripes when he comes home to relax. Leaving his sharp claws by the front door, no doubt. And hanging his tail on the hat-stand. How beastly do we need to be, to get through an urban day? Sometimes, our world is a wild and dangerous place…

The song is full of military drums, the marching rhythms include everything soon enough — till we arrive at a splendid climax of pristine guitars.

This is perfect stuff for those looking, perhaps, for the Baroque elements that were found within Florence’s earlier sounds, mixed with stunning and fully realized experimental and progressive art-pop that can be compared to Kate Bush.

A brilliant album of waves, coils, contrasts and moods.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Main image: by Sarah Sitkin



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