DARLA AND THE BLONDE Reach out for the End Of The Party — Out 18TH March + Review Here

Embracing the corrupting enchantment of Gothic imagery, the interesting harmonies of the pop world, and the overt experimentalism of the prog-rock kind (together with the narrative tradition of folk) DARLA AND THE BLONDE are a five-piece band from East London whose chief songwriter Nina Lovelace (rhythm guitar and backing vocals ) with her band craft some dramatic forms of alt.rock that are beauteous to behold.

The band is completed by Jen Demaris (lead vocals), Rob McCabe (lead guitar), Craig Page (bass) and Tom Loffman (drums). Darla And The Blonde admit to being influenced by the likes of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.

End of the Party - Darla And The Blonde
End of the Party – Darla And The Blonde

We had a listen to End Of The Party

If you miss Ziggy Stardust and all those glamtastic-sounds of the 70s then you should definitely like this…

But it is more than mere pose and sparkle … The voice from Jen generates conflict and intrigue … and it’s bright as a dragonfly and generous as a mother’s love … it’s also very reminiscent of Chrissie Hynde ( “Stop Your Sobbing” springs to mind.)

We love the downwards spiralling step-by-step chord progression … it adds chilling drama as the whole piece unfolds gently before us.

This has more shazzle ‘n’ glare than a pair of sequined platforms, it’s true  … but this is also full of conniving secrecry!

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/darlaandtheblonde/





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