ALYSSA BONAGURA — Road Less Traveled

Compelling lyricist ALYSSA BONAGURA is saluting the release of her highly anticipated solo project, Road Less Traveled.

Currently sitting at No. 11 on the Country iTunes Chart, the album showcases Alyssa’s emotional artistry as a singer-songwriter who possesses the ability to convey poignant messages and hard-hitting vocals that come across to listeners as she reinforce her artist credentials.

Road Less Traveled - Alyssa Bonagura Photo Credit: Dallas Wilson
Road Less Traveled – Alyssa Bonagura Photo Credit: Dallas Wilson

Road Less Traveled commprises of ten original tracks (five of which were solely written by Alyssa herself), including the hit single “Rebel” whose video recently aired on CMT Music.

Recorded live at Petti Sound in Nashville and produced entirely by Alyssa and Mark Petaccia, the album gives free rein to her multi-instrumentalist talents, and features her on the acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, lap steel, electric guitar, bass, B3 and harmonica.

The love that was put into this record is immeasurable. I am so beyond proud of it and grateful to all of my friends who helped make this dream a reality,” She told us “I’m so proud to be carrying the torch in country music from my mom and dad. This music is my entire heart and soul and I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Described as a “project of love” that brought her closest friends and family from the underground music community together to create meaningful music, Road Less Traveled presents Alyssa as a solo artist in her truest form to date.

We had a listen to Rebel —

The vocals on this slow piano number will make your toes wriggle with pleasure. The orchestration is magnificent and the song is exquisitely put-together.

Road Less Traveled by Alyssa Bonagura is out today




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