JACKIE VENSON Live at Strange Brew — Reviewed Here

We have previously written about Austin-based indie/blues guitarist, singer and multi-instrumentalist JACKIE VENSON — her voice is as clear as diamond [in fact she graced the back page of our special printed PURPLE edition] — we found her sad-eyed, blue-gypsy rumba titled “Next Life” “jaw-dropping.”

Live at Strange Brew - Jackie Venson Photo credit John Gutierrez
Live at Strange Brew – Jackie Venson Photo credit John Gutierrez

Jackie was named one of the “10 Indie Black Guitarists You Should Know” by She Shreds Magazine and now comes to the fore with her new album — Live at Strange Brew.

Recorded in Austin, Texas, Jackie Venson presents a live set of ten original songs, presented with her amazingly talented trio.

We had a listen:

The album starts with the smooth and snappy “Show My Light” whose wide range of contralto to soprano voice adds temperement and mood to the natty jazz rhythms.

I will try to show my light…” She sings. And then radiating arcs of power are sent out from her guitar. This is a hard-bop number — full of virtue.

Real Love” has a narrow framework, talkative guitar and chattering rhythms. Here Jackie reaches summits of pure light with her voice. The solo break is yolks and sugar. A whip of confection.

Lost in Time” could almost be “Reggatta de BlancPolice circa 1979 though even Andy Summers [talented as he is] could not come up with the blues-based melodic guitar lines that Jackie does… Filled with fluid stickiness. This is a wow! Marleyish number.

The album finishes with the blues-rocker “Always Free” with its intuitive, smoky voice and flaring electric guitar flourishes that are sure to fire up your heart.

This album is packed with bluesy improvisation, gorgeous picking technique and extraordinary licks coupled with jazz-rhythm experimentation…

And that singing voice… Heavenly, it is always pure-toned and impeccably sassy.

This is a truly remarkable live album.

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jackievenson/




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