JACK CARTY — Live at Fat Lil’s in Witney

JACK CARTY is an Australian musician and composer currently based in Sydney.

He is on his first headline tour of the U.K.

We saw him play on Thursday evening, at an event hosted by Halfway to 75.

His home produced and independently distributed fourth full-length album “Home State” has reached Number One on the AIR   Independent Album Chart.

I worked on it when my wife was out… In our tiny apartment [in Brisbane’s Red Hill.] When she got back I had to stop work because she wanted to watch Netflix in peace...” He told us at the excellent Fat Lil’s venue in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Jack promised that Home State is soon to get a UK release.

He reminded us that our island nation is such a densely packed and stupidly small place, “I have only been in England 3 weeks and I have already met Robbie Williams! ” Turns out he met the recording star at BBC London when he went to chat with Gaby Roslin. “He asked me if I flew over in “The Residence ” — you know, that private bit on top of the airplane that costs 100 grand to use. I told him, no. I fly economy.

Jack Carty - we enjoyed laid-back vocals of infectious quality from this masterful troubadour...
Jack Carty – we enjoyed laid-back vocals of infectious quality from this masterful troubadour…

All At Once” was a stunning, perfectly executed number, written with the help of Blair Dunlop — he also matched the artist to the venue via the worthy folks at Halfway to Seventy Five. Here effervescent guitar notes were miraculously woven, while the voice fluttered out.

With a chorus that beamed true majesty —and also rueful insight — this became a moving experience.

A Way With Me ” is lightly daubed. “She is gonna run away with me…” Jack sings about his alluring lover. Is it a fantasy? Or will it turn out to be true? Jack’s singing voice is a warm tenor here with amazing highs. The song has a charismatic folk rock layout. It’s hot yet innocent.

Summer in New Zealand” came packed with an interesting story about beers and friendship, followed by a spur-of-the-moment trip across the Tasman Sea. There was also a rather tall tale of Jack auditioning for the part of himself in a mini-documentary. [And not getting it!]  It seems that fleeting inspirations like these help inspire some of the best-loved and most capricious of Jack ideas.

So this song was a voyage of self-discovery and clear thinking. About finding clarity in the jumbled place we call our world. The number had a tangle of shiny notes and plenty of harmonic nostalgia.

At Fat Lil’s we enjoyed laid-back vocals of infectious quality from this masterful troubadour.

The elements of popular folk tradition were blended with modern ideas so his songs always projected that unique “soul feeling” directly into our hearts… That quality is sometimes missing in lesser folk artists. Jack’s work is not only beautiful, but also seems really sincere.

Supported by the warm vocals of Riaz Ahmad and the talented, expression-filled songwriting/guitar-work of Dan McKean this was a superior evening. Thanks to everyone at Halfway to 75 and the wonderful staff at Fat Lil’s for making us feel so welcome.

Words & Images: Neil Mach 2016 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jackcartymusic

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