We thought she Carla sounded like Debbie Harry on “(I’m Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear” with her number “Take Me Home” but on the number we find wave-upon-wave of churning guitar sound that seems to crash against the Pacific cliffs of rhythm and never stop in their fluster.

Silver Rose - gorgeous foamings...
Silver Rose – gorgeous foamings…

We’ve been listening to the alternative rock, shoegaze and dream pop artist from Mexico City SILVER ROSE aka Carla Sariñana [best known as co-founder and bajo player for the all female Mexican rock band Ruido Rosa.]

Silver Rose is the remarkable self-titled debut 6 track EP from the bilingual artist who seems in thrall of the iconography of the Seventies.

She’s employs sultry and crystalline female vocals over expressive waterfalls of electric guitar and constantly driving rhythms.

The EP has 3 songs in English and 3 songs in Spanish. Originally self-released in July 2016 — in Otcober 2016 Silver Rose signed to UK based Independent Label Presana Recordings.

Sueños de Amor” is a tumult of sound. A group of gorgeous foamings. And with a peak above the ridges that is the incandescent sparkling-ivory voice.

Here is excess and majesty.

Noches” has angular guitar arcitecture and that same foggy bleached songstyle . This song bobs and wobbles like a sailboat on a twisting river-slide.

But the structure never capsizes. This is magnifcently moving.

Ferment and agitation, passion and desire… It’s all here!

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©


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