KAMIKAZE TEST PILOTS have announced their new album ‘Stealing Chameleons’ and have shared the striking new video for the single ‘Betty Ford’ [released tomorrow, 23rd June ] taken from the album — due 22nd September.

It’s a cheeky record,” says the band, “like receiving a beating from a person who’s small in stature. You’re punched in the nuts, kicked in the teeth, and left wondering how [it] happened.

KTP – vibrant impulses and crunchy sounds…

Zimbabwe born brothers ‘Beans’ and ‘Wes’ formed the thrash & metal band in 2005, with Simon Buckett joining as bassist in 2009.

The band’s name suggests paradox. And, like the band-name, the members are each a contradiction unto themselves — their diversifying contributions create a stylistically unique tapestry of sounds and experiences. Their earlier songs included vocal arrangements in the Bantu language, Shona.

The KTP sound can be described as raw alt-rock intoxication with fervent, lively vocals, rich spellbinding riffs and mettlesome rhythmic bassplay linchpins. Sometimes melodic, often not, their songs triumph over the twin influences of metal and punk and include hearty spatulas of exotic African spiciness and plenty of groove.

Betty Ford” is full of vibrant impulses and crunchy sounds… these revolve around a progressive attitude towards time keeping and accurate technical skills.

The fusion of styles tip this over into prog metal. But, that being said, it’s dancy too!

File with the likes of Fugazi or SOAD.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/kamikazetestpilots/


18/08/2017 The Railway, Winchester
19/08/2017 The Tap and Spile/Monument, Newbury
02/09/2017 The Hobbit, Southampton
22/09/2017 RISC and Global Café, Reading (album launch for locals)
14/10/2017 Purple Turtle, Reading (Oxjam)
16/12/2017 The Hobbit, Southampton

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