The Toronto-based alt pop band COMMON DEER has released a track from their second EP, EPII, titled “Glass”

The track showcases Sheila Hart Owens dramatic vocals that are set above a starry baroque setting yet annealed by more serious themes on the destructive nature of love.

The tremulous, feathery voice reminds us of Ellie Goulding…

Common Deer consists of Graham McLaughlin (guitar & violin) with Sheila (vocals & keys) Adam Hart-Owens (cello, guitar, synth), Liam Farrell (percussion, synth, samples) and Connor Farrell (bass.)

We had a listen:

This is a rotating glide through tonality and temperament. Elegant keys and determined rhythms run solidly under the tremulous, feathery voice that reminds us of Ellie Goulding.

EPII will be released on September 8th

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©


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