DEVIL ELECTRIC are a thrilling riff-heavy 4 piece rock n’ roll band that bring home their fuzz-heavy doom to the blues-land swamp.

Fronted by the captivating Pierina O’Brien — the Melbourne, Australia band also boasts Christos Athanasias [guitars] Tom Hulse [bass] and ex melodic-metal-core Untruth drummer — Mark Van De Beek.

The authentic stain of vintage blues-rock with tribal drums & the type of bass-guitar that pervades the soul…

If you can imagine Blues Pills taking a short cut at night through a graveyard inhabited by all of Black Sabbath’s nightmares you would be close to the atmosphere transmitted by this outfit.

For example, the first single taken from their debut album, “Hypnotica” is a constant wave of fuzz and tingle with “Seven Nation Army” riffs and angular moments of giant winged sound that spread over your head. It is wild and savage, yes, but also hoarse and sinister.

The song “Lady Velvet” [it probably informed the cover-art] is a faster though no-less bubble-some and dark affair.

This has the authentic stain of vintage blues-rock with tribal drums (we were reminded of early Fleetwood Mac) and the type of bass-guitar that pervades the soul.

Acidic Fire” is an emergency alert like one made by a sentinel crow on a gloomy watchtower. The voice is acerbic and refreshing as the clouds of sound turn into thunderous mountains of atmosphere. This is a powerful piece.

We also lurve the ominous atmosphere of “The Dove & The Serpent” [Electric Funeral with Elin Larsson on vocals perhaps? Huh? ] and we enjoyed the way it thickens and matures into something even more perverse and far more loaded than one expects.

Relaxed ? Yes, sometimes. Sludge-stoner? Yes, often. Heavy blues? That’s the one. File it under that.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©



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