TALMA — In Circles

The London-based alternative rock group TALMA will issue their sophomoric EP “Out To Sea” on 23rd Feb and we have been listening to the second single from the disc, entitled “In Circles” [and shared below.] It’s about stepping away from apathy.

Talma – the tidiest, the most erudite chords…

The number has grown-up, roasted ‘n’ husked vocals [from frontman Henry Adams] evoking the almost perfect Tony Hadley.

And the tidiest, most erudite chords [James Creed & Jack Rennie on guitars] that you ever-did hear…

In addition to agile rhythms [Pete Warren on bass and Jonny Harrison on drums] there’s a sense of subtle joy and quick expression on this song that brings a smile to any listener’s face and will quicken the pulse.

This is highly accomplished pop for the man of practical thinking. Not delicate or excessively romantic, it leans towards the windmills of a mind and tilts with small yet appropriate thrusts. Scrutable and completely convincing.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/TalmaSounds/

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