REBECCA HAVILAND AND WHISKEY HEART have recently toured with the legendary Martin Sexton, across the United States, spreading her authentic lyricism and powerful instrumentation.

Rebecca Haviland – compassionate light and intelligent shadow…

Rebecca Haviland is a Grammy Award winning singer and multi-instrumentalist with extensive experience in composition, acting and touring. She recently completed a year playing keyboards and guitar for multi-platinum-selling pop artist Rachel Platten. This included television performances on Ellen and Good Morning America with performances across North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Her band includes members: Chris Anderson (Martin Sexton), Todd Caldwell (C S & N) & Kenny Shaw (Dispatch). They have performed in support of Roberta Flack, James McCartney, Rick Springfield, Martin Sexton and Chris Young. Rebecca recorded “Bright City Lights” at Atomic Sound in Brooklyn. The new EP reflects upon Rebecca’s experiences on the road encompassing American roots music.

You and I” is taken from the “Bright City Lights” EP out now.

It’s a doughy-eyed, piano-accompanied ballad — but never subdued.

With compassionate light & intelligent shadow it’s brought into being by a poignant voice. There is electric power in the higher notes and the lower places are a warm-hearted mix of husky allspice and cocoa butter. Transformative.


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