TROPE — Lambs

To be fearless, to be comfortable riding the storm — and to be competent at creating such cathartic and exceptional lyricism — is originality at its peak.

Trope – poetically, sharp & majestic…

Canadian quartet TROPE are this innovative outfit propelling towards a force of change and credibility.

Their debut single Lambs is a wonderful opening credit: a haunting, superb track of substance and energy. It’s dark, there’s no doubt, but it has been honed to shock and to provoke discussions.

Lambs opens beautifully with pulsating guitar lines and lead vocals from Diana Studenberg that are balanced and composed formidably. The arrangements are also diverse, coping under the strain of the atmospherics, which beat and hit enormous heights. And Trope are hitting strides here, lyrically it’s a masterstroke — poetically it’s sharp and majestic. Darkness exudes, hope seems crushed, but this dramatic sequence is powerful.

The story is firm and tells tales of heartbreak: Love is colliding with broken faith, bruises are shown, and poison travels through veins. The fable is arresting and beneath the overtones of the instrumentals, is well heard. It’s such an original contribution from a band of gallant musicians — who not only know how to play their instruments — but also know how to write like novelists…

Delving into Lambs is like sourcing material for a trailblazing book.

With Lambs, Trope have created a song of yearning — one that kick-starts emotions. A blitz of alternative rock at the top level.


Words: Mark Mcconville 2018 ©


Trope is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, BC. The band formed in 2015 with Dave Thompson on guitars, Diana Studenberg on vocals, Reggie Hache on bass and Aleks Amer, drums. Their brand of art-rock has been compared to American rock supergroup “A Perfect Circle”.

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