BEANS ON TOAST — A Bird In The Hand

British folk/indie singer-songwriter BEANS ON TOAST (aka Jay McAllister) has disclosed a new music video for his song “MAGIC” [shared below] that’s a sweet taster of his tenth studio album entitled “A Bird In The Handout this week.

Beans on Toast – sincere & graceful…

About the miracle of life and the tense, affectionate, but completely wonderful journey that sets us free in the universe, MAGIC  is a courageous and tenderly warming account of the arrival of Beans’ firstborn baby.

A sincere and graceful song that finds the songwriter at his most poignantly susceptible and yet disarmingly relatable: “Magic” communicates with anyone who has an intimate knowledge of leading a life into the world.

I like my songs to tell stories…” he says “But I also draw from real life emotion and experience. This song, about the birth of my daughter in January this year has all three in abundance.”

I wanted to get across the excitement and the nervousness of the by-standing father and the admiration of the female body, but most of all, this is a love song.”

On “A Bird In The HandMister Beans teams again with Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett, who produced his first album a decade ago. Together they organized the participation of a wonderful team of fabulous musicians for the project, including Mumford & Sons’ live drummer Chris Mass and Dutch folk singer-songwriter Christof van der Ven on guitar.



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