STEVE HACKETT — Announces At The Edge Of Light

Following the fantastic success of 2017’s “The Night Siren” the legendary former Genesis guitarist STEVE HACKETT has announced the release of a new studio album “At The Edge Of Light” out January 25th 2019.

At The Edge Of Light

The album features ten songs and sees Steve unify an immense amount of styles: ranging from guitar motivated rock to heroic orchestration, and from world music to brooding and distinctively moody pieces, all brought together in Hackett’s incomparable style.

Steve says: “In these dangerous times, deep shadows feel even sharper than usual and we find ourselves standing at the edge of light…”

The contrast between dark and light weaves its way throughout the album in many ways, from the sense of good fighting evil through to the interplay of dark and light opposites magically combining in cultures, including the heartbeat of India and primal tribal rhythms. Ultimately, this album embraces the need for all musical forms and cultures to connect and celebrate the wonder of unity in this divided world.”

We listened to “Under The Eye Of The Sun” [shared below] and we found the track was full of positive stimuli, wonderful harmonized voices and the kind of spellbinding craftsmanship we associate with Tormato era YES … as well as with Hackett. This is striking and creative.


At the Edge of Light – Release Date: 25th January 2019
Formats: Mediabook CD plus extra disc with 5.1 surround mix, double vinyl LP,
Jewel-case CD and digital album.

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